Paula Vilches is a chilean singer-songwriter. She studied Music with a major in Piano and Classical singing at the Music Institute of Santiago (UAH), and also has popular singing training. 

She co-founded her former band Denun, wich means “to speak” and “to play instruments” in Mapudungun language. She wrote all of the lyrics and vocal lines for the band.

She has been a live guest singer for several bands and projects in South América and Europe..

She recorded the single: “Legend of the Scarecrow” with the band Arkaos.

She was invited by the rock prog band Seti to record a song named “Cascade of Changes“. She also recorded the backing vocals for several tracks of their album “Bold Travels”, collaborating with great prog rock musicians.

She is currently working on her solo project’s first album named “9”.


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  1. Paula is the most important vocalist of our country, CHile, she is an extraordinary musician, symphatic girl, an excellent voice, and I am your admirer, congratulation for this site.

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